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Lost in Translation

by gabriella rose

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v1 heavy raindrops on my heart, has it ever been so dark? your face is lighting up the hall, couldn't sleep last night at all... tell me why, why I let you get this close? How could I, how could I not have known... chorus I got your name, didn't catch your eye, this won't be easy gonna make you mine, lost in translation, baby I don't mind I'll sit here waiting It's all the same, send me a sign, it isn't easy to make you mine, lost in translation this ain't just infatuation v2 and you know you're like the sun, shining like the golden one, in a story I read once will my wings melt before your eyes will they melt before goodbyes, should i try? Tell me why, why I feel a light inside? How could I, let you pass me by... (chorus)
Dreams 03:39
v1 Once again, I've lost again, gone away and I'm afraid, this time won't be quite the same In my head, echoes what you've said, how I'm not worth the grime of earth, maybe it's what I deserve Chorus Don't go, chasing your heart or the shadows, will smother you eat you alive, or cut you till you're numb, and dry You need me, you said it could this be a dream, now I'm wide awake and you've fallen asleep strangled by your memory, haven't got the room to breathe Verse 2 Mountains tall, and I am small, might just stay and let the day go on without me in this way Chorus
v1 She hates the sound of her voice, so do all the other girls and boys She hates the sound of her own laugh, when she smiles, she has to take it back Chorus Welcome to the Dollhouse there's your room now face the crowd, where's your speech, silently turn and walk behind me Welcome here's your number there's your room now take the picture, in the hall on the wall, compared to them you're much too tall, prepare to fall Verse 2 She started cutting her skin, because to them it was much to thin She loved the color red, she watched it spill onto the bed (chorus) Bridge: Frankly I'm a bit concerned, it doesn't seem like you have learned kids don't like you, where's your friends, don't you want it all to end? straighten up and shut your mouth, stitch it up you're bleeding out where's your father is he home, why are you always alone? Frankly this is the third time this week that you have come to me, I'm sorry if your heart is torn but scars will heal and you will learn (chorus)
Requiem 01:49
Verse 1 I don't go to the movies anymore, I haven't seen one play since I last saw your face I don't walk in the park anymore, the trees lost all their leaves, what else is there to see? (chorus) (ooh) I stopped dreaming, I always hit the ceiling, you take the money and run (ooh) I'm so homesick for a place that don't exist, your heart is shaped like a gun Verse 2 I don't sing those songs anymore, it's like a faded word on some forgotten billboard I don't cry my heart out anymore, I face the day with lies and I come back with goodbyes (chorus)
The Chair 03:44
Verse 1 Mother, this world's so broken, I heard about a man who was killed His lips were bleeding words unspoken, is this the world our children did build? Chorus Now the rocks they cry out for the demons that shout, and crush the lilies while they're in bloom and the waves smash against the shore it never ends, don't hate them for the evil things they do And the world oh it spins and the darkness it wins, and all I really want to do is hide, and the people around are never slowing down, my only wish is that I could fly Verse 2 Mother your little boy's sick, I don't know why my hands are red Mother I'm scared of what I did, now they've locked me up and left me for dead Chorus 2 and now I'm crying out 'cuz my demons they shout, they made me crush the girls why they bloomed, And the jurors didn't like me much so to this chair they strapped me up I'm sorry mom I really do love you And the man in the mask he looks at me and laughs, he screams that this is what I deserve, and my head is a mess, I can't catch my breath, I can't find the perfect final words Bridge He was given a count (1,2,3) They fried his brains out (1,2,3) The only sound (1,2,3) Were the screams from his mouth Chorus 3 And the rocks they cry out for the demons that shout, and crush the lilies while they're in bloom, and the waves smash against the shore it never ends, don't hate them for the evil things they do...
Angel 04:14
Verse 1 I wish I was an angel, I'd fly over this town, I wish I was an angel, I'd never hit the ground I wish I was an angel, I'd grow a pair of wings, I wish I was an angel, I'd shine on everything Chorus And every dirty memory would suddenly be pure, and every dirty part of me would slowly disappear, and I'd bless you, and I'd praise you And you'd love me for the day, and I'd get down upon my knees for you and I'd pray Verse 2 Verse 2 I know that I'm no angel, I'm only wearing white, I'll never be your angel, I know I'm not your kind I'll never be an angel, I can't get off the ground, I'll never be an angel, these tears that fall they don't make any sound (chorus) Bridge So father forgive me, I have sinned, these promises were scattered on the wind The cycle that we're in will never change, you break the door and tear me down, anyway Father forgive me, what have I done, have I rejected you or your son The price you asl is getting out of hand, I'm still struggling to find the promised land (chorus)


released February 1, 2019

chris molitor-producer
gabriella rose- lyrics and melody


all rights reserved



gabriella rose Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

just a sixteen year old singer songwriter from cda idaho. I make retro pop-- enjoy!

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